The initiative of Foyer du Monde began thanks to the Dominican Sisters of the Trinity who wished to respond to the call of Pope Francis for the reception of refugees, by offering them this house.

The different branches of the Dominican family, which brings together brothers, sisters, nuns and lay people, wanted to join the project and pool their resources to welcome migrants.


The process and work on the project began in early 2016 and in May 2017, the first family was welcomed into the house.

Thanks to the financial support of the Dominican Sisters of the Trinity, the Roman Congregation of St. Dominic, the brothers and the laity, it has been possible to renovate the building and now accommodate 25 residents at full capacity.

A warm living environment

Residents can take advantage of several common rooms and a large community kitchen, bedrooms, several bathrooms, and a large laundry room. The house also houses the team's offices and a small interior garden.

Families of the House, present and to come

Since its opening, a hundred people have passed through the house of Foyer du Monde, from more than 20 different countries.


If we currently have 25 residents, Foyer du Monde remains very close to these former and former residents and continues to be present.

Support these families by volunteering or by donating money or equipment !



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