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Foyer du Monde survive thanks to its generous donors, please support us!

No matter how much you donate, it will allow the organization to help all migrants it welcomes and give them the tools and helping hand they need to rebuild their lives.

Become a FDM donor


Currently Foyer du Monde has managed to survive thanks to the generosity of the large Dominican family in Canada, but we need your help to continue to offer a warm and welcoming living environment to all our residents who are more and more numerous each day.


Donations can also be sent through mail.  By printing the coupon available on the brochure and send it with your check payable to:

Foyer du Monde

2300, Mercure Terrace

Montreal (Quebec) H2H 1P1


Don't forget to mention “Foyer du Monde” on your check and many thanks for your generosity and your support!

For all postal donations, a tax receipt will be sent to you, so if you prefer to receive it by e-mail, don't forget to give us yours.


For online donations you will receive confirmation of your transaction immediately which will serve as proof for your tax credits.

Organization registration number: 73121 1710 RR0001





To request a donation collection, please email with photos of the appliances and furniture and tell us what floor you are on and where you are located. We make collections the first two weeks of each month on Thursday and/or Friday. 


For any donation you bring to Foyer du Monde, please make sure to drop by during business hours, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Donations received outside of these hours will not be collected and will unfortunately go in the garbage.

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